I Hate Waiting

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So I waited for the tax return.  And it finally came last Friday - at least part of it - who knows when, or if, NYS will ever issue any money ever again for anything.  So I pushed the button to order our new family camera and a whole buncha lotta beads.

Really.  A LOT of beads.

I think my sweet Beorn Beorning was a bit nonplussed when he discovered just how very many beads I've ordered. 

Really, though. It is May and I have exercised a great deal of restraint in the bead buying area since December and have put a really huge chunk - most months almost 100% -  of my business income from late November on into household expenses.

And really - how exciting are pink and aqua daisies when I could be making pink and aqua and orange and red and purple and blue and yellow and . . .

You get the picture.

So Monday morning, the UPS man plops a package on the porch.

No way!  That was too fast!  Is it beads???

No.  Just a pile of Purple Potatoes.  Which are pretty.  And more nutritious than the normal garden variety.  And they have iridescent skin (for real - when washed they sparkle in a very subdued 1970's metal flake sorta way.)   And Maxx will eat them.  And they make the Awesomest mashed potatoes - all purpley blue through and through.  And they will grow wonderfully in our garden this year.

But they ain't beads and I hate waiting.

(We get our Purple Potatos from the Maine Potato Lady.  She's really cool.  These are Purple Majesty

I'll post photos of beads next week.)


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