Before the New Beads

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The rational part of my mind says that it is time for an intervention.

My beading brain says I just need a bigger studio.

I cleaned off the top of my table in order to do some sewing last night.  I haven't had all of my bead canisters piled together like this since before Christmas.  They are really getting out of control.

I have been having a lot of thoughts about my business and my beads and what I really want to be spending time on.  I have not been satisfied lately.  Part of that dissatisfaction is associated with needing more space and feeling like I'm living in limbo while we try to get the Beorningstead ready.

Another part of the dissatisfaction is that I'm not really enjoying being a re-seller of beads.  I want to be actually beading.  And sewing.  And dyeing.  And creating in general.  And I want to contribute to the financial health of the family while I'm doing it.

Expect changes at Goblins' Market.  Input is appreciated.


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