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As promised - pictures of my latest batch of beads. 

But first, let me apologize for problems with posting comments on this blog.  I've been so discouraged about not having ANY comments for months and then a friend clued me in to teh problem last week.  I think I have it fixed now so if you have tried to comment in the past and couldn't, I'm sorry.  You can speak up now, if you want to.  :)

So when I got home from Toronto Saturday night I found a sleepless toddler, a giddy teenager, a lonely husband, an ecstatic pooch and 26 pounds of beads waiting for me. 

It was a wonderful weekend with friends and I'll write about Time Out For Women one of these days soon but it sure was nice to come home to my family and a whole new batch of sparklies. 

Here are the goods:

Lots of new window cuts.  I am dreaming up a line of magic bags - Since I made that incredible velvet scarf for Crystal, I've been obsessed with the possibilities inherent in these window beads as fringe on luxurious fabrics.  I have some deep sapphire and some rich teal velvet to sew AND I have a friend who just happens to be a magician.  His specialty is Mentalism so he doesn't pull rabbits out of hats or anything but he does have lots of contacts in both the performance magic and personal magic practitioner worlds.  He says that my work would appeal to people wanting beautiful bags to put their wands, tarot cards, and other magical items in.  It makes sense - I feel like there is "magic" at work while I create the things that I make.  I usually call it something else but the creative energy is strong when I am making something beautiful.   Expect to see some of these beads paired up with some of my velvet - as scarves, bags and maybe even chokers.

Dagger beads - it was had to get a good shot of ALL the dagger beads.  These will become more gerbera daisies.  I'm so excited!

And more little blossom beads - these colors are fabulous.

Some other shapes I found that look like they have good potential in the flower business.

And some random petal beads.  They weren't in the plan but they just refused to stay out of my cart.

This doesn't cover some rondelles, fancy cut pebbles, bell flower blossoms and several kilos of seed beads.  Now to get out a needle and some thread and start putting these babies to work!

. . . . . .


Kim said...

I love, love, LOVE the petal beads at the bottom. The dusty pink ones are one of my fave colors!! Do you love when you look at a bead and you just KNOW what it should become?!

evlynmil said...

I don't wear jewelry and I don't wear scarves - what can you do for me with those wonderful beads???

Virginia said...

Hmmm. . . . What could we make for Evelyn? Maybe a pretty mirror dangle for you car? Some of those sparkley clips for your shoes so that your nephew could take them off and run away with them? Maybe a really ornate bookmark. . . .I'll think on it. :)

Anonymous said...

Beaded book cover?

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