Wednesday Wishes

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Things have been so busy lately and my stress level with Maxx's asthma issues has been pretty severe and I have missed creating and blogging very much! I've decided to try to do a Wednesday Wishes post each week, featuring some of my favorite handmade stuff online.

This week, I'm looking at MandalaArts' shop. This shop is all about color and is filled with beautiful window stickers at about $3.00 a piece. Molly Bryn wants to buy one or two but she can't narrow the choices down enough. Boy - do I know how that feels!

I've been in a very funky retro groove since Lue gave us the Sesame Street Old School DVD's for the kids to enjoy. I've been remembering how much I loves all of these bright, psychedelic patterns and designs that flashed across the screen back in Henson's day. MandalaArts shop has all that bright, happy color in one place.

I love these dragonflies.

And can't you just imagine a troop of faeries popping out of that little door to perform choreographed acrobatic alphabet poses at any moment?

He even has a beautiful Pegasus sticker but I'm not going to post it here. You'll have to go over to his shop to look at it!

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