Fabric Dot Com claims my latest comission check

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I have got to unsubscribe from Fabric.com's Deal of the Day. Last week it was Iridescent Silk Dupoini at half off their already low promotional price which made it $4.95 a yard and today - well - see for yourself.

Molly has already claimed one bunch of the silk I ordered last week - it is a crisp, icy blue, exactly the color of Princess Buttercup's blue gown.

I don't know when I will have time to sew with this stuff, but the velveteen I ordered today will make beautiful shawls and/or purses and/or vests.

. . . . .


sharonb said...

You said you have to unsub from deal of the day - I just followed the link - that is too cruel for someone on a fiber diet! I am trying to reduce ....not increase my stash

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