A Beautiful Treasury!

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This is just the encouragement that I need! I'm planing a studio day today - still not sure what I will do with it, but I DO need to do some dyeing. I've got a friend who has been waiting patiently for months for me to get to a custom scarf order for her - maybe today's the day, Penny!

When I checked into my shop this morning, I had a message from fivelittlegems that she had included me in her treasury this morning and a beautiful treasury it is!

In case you don't know about Etsy treasuries, they are small collections of items for sale on Etsy that are gathered into a sort of 'gallery' by another Etsy buyer or seller. It is a great honor to have someone include your items in their treasury because it is very difficult to get one of the limited treasury slots. Some Etsy treasury makers hover over their computers or hours at a time, just waiting for a spot to become available!

Sometimes the really well designed treasuries are featured on the front page of Etsy for an hour or so, which is wonderful publicity for those of us who have items included in the treasury. That happens when the individual items in a treasury get lots of clicks - the computer system alerts Etsy admins that this one particular treasury is getting lots of attention, they take a look and if it passes muster and there is room, they may choose to put it on the front page.

So if you have plenty of time today, take a quick click through all of these beautiful purpley things and help this treasury get noticed! Check out some of the other items in the shops, too. (Some of them are shown on this page, just to give everyone an idea of what else in in the shops.) I was so impressed with the quality of artists from all over the world represented here - truly beautiful stuff!

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