Too busy Too soon

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I'm thinking about unplugging the phone and the computer, drawing the shades and pretending that we are GONE for a week or two! Things have been very hectic here and show no signs of letting up anytime soon.

I did have just enough time to discover this incredible tool tonight, though. If you like color, or fabric, or shopping at Etsy, you'll love

Catherine has been looking at shops that sell fabric over at Etsy and compiling their inventory into a series of color families that can make designer fabric shopping so much easier and more fun. Me - I just really like looking at the fabric arrainged by color.

(yes - I was one of those kids who put all the crayons in the box in rainbow, color coordinated order.)

Dinner is overdue and sweet Beorn will be back from fishing any minute - I'm off to make some Blue Max sandwiches - that frying pan will be ready if a trout happens to make it to my home tonight!

. . . . .


vickifryar said...

I can totally see becoming addicted to this, wonderful colors and prints!

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