What's the best thing you can get a 5 year old boy for his Birthday?

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A real fire truck to climb on in his driveway!

Uncle Jonathan begins recruiting volunteers when they are very young.

The kids (and many of the adults) had a blast seeing the truck up close, learning about how the water comes out and just generally being impressed with such a big truck with so many gadgets. Ziggy was terrified when Jonathan sounded the siren, though.

And, of course, we had chocolate cake. With sprinkles. Bryan made the cake this time. In fact, he did most of the birthday stuff this time around because I've been so busy with other things. It worked out pretty well and the cake was amazing. I think I may turn over all future birthday party arrangements to Bry.

It will be hard to top the firetruck visit, though.

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Molly said...

That's so cool that he was so into it. Devon would have been to shy about the whole thing. Maybe if it was in his own driveway and delivered there by his uncle...but I don't know.

Virginia Burnett said...

Maxx was a little shy about it at first, too - all the little boys were over-awed, I think. But it didn't take them long to decide it was O.K. to swarm - especially considering that their parents were all acting like a bunch of excited kids, to.

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