We've Been Making Music for a Very Long Time

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Over 35,000 years, to be exact.

(Click the photo to read the article)

After a grueling weekend in the hospital with Maxx's first terrifying asthma attack (thank you, birth dad, for providing That piece of genetic code) and several crazed days of nebulizer treatments, scarf completion and house cleaning (we have a walk through today!), I find it ironic that archaeologists need to ascribe some sort of ritual significance to music making.

Having been an Anthro major, I know that it is almost impossible to look at an artifact like this one and not imagine its use in ritual & celebration but I'm sure that it was most often used on nights like the one I had yesterday to soothe anxieties and prepare the family for restful sleep.

I'll be back with some new projects in a few days, but first, I really need to de-compress.


Anonymous said...


Connor just saw your goblins favorites. he looked at the goddess lampwork bead and said, "oh, robots" then he said "cute robots"


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