Good news and bad news

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We got a call from the bank this afternoon. They are willing to give us a mortgage on the new house IF and when we sell our old house. Aargh!

We've been scratching our heads for months now trying to figure out how to get this house on the market while we are still living here, hoping that we could be living here and working on the other house at the same time, storing our non-essentials at the new place while we are working on installing plumbing and electrical. We wanted to be doing that this summer so we would be well settled in by wintertime.

I want to be working in my new studio before the Holiday retail season starts - I'm tired of painting scarves on the floor and I know that my scarf productivity can increase at least 5 fold if I am painting in a space with running water, a dedicated dyeing area and sensible shelving.

I've also been fantasizing about the bead shelves we'll put in the new studio a lot. This is what confronts me every time I go upstairs to package orders or design jewelry. I have 85 canisters of these beads. With an average of 5 sections per canister and one or two types of bead stored in each section, I have somewhere between 425 & 450 types of beads. My bead sales and jewelry designing will become much more productive and less time consuming when I get into my new studio, too.

So - now we need a buyer. Fast. Or some other solution.

Any suggestions?

If you know anyone who wants a fixer upper with lots of character in a quiet, friendly neighborhood in Upstate NY, I've got one for sale for $47K!


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