What a week!

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I'm behind on my Goblin's Market enamel orders but my studio is (sorta) clean and we've made significant progress on our house. The realtor was by yesterday and is optimistic about the house's potential. We're selling at an unheard of price for the size and condition of the house and he anticipates a lot of interest very soon - so I have to keep cleaning to be ready for visitors!

In fact, as we have been cleaning it, I have been thinking "Oh, yeah. This IS a nice house." Someone with a bit more enthusiasm than I've got who doesn't need a studio with running water or a barn for livestock and recycled lumber could really do something with it. It has great bones.

Yesterday, just as I was starting to get dinner ready, the UPS man stopped by. He had a package full of the most wonderful things. Here are a few of my favorites.

Now on to patina and enamel for my late orders and some of these new beauties. They'll start showing up in my Etsy shop very soon.

P.S. The smiling girl in the frame was my grandmother's best friend in grade school. Doesn't she look like fun and trouble all rolled up into one??



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