What happened to summer?

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Summer is officially over. Today, Bry had to be in at work at 8:00 am for "coffee and conversation" prior to long drawn out meetings with and lectures from various administrators at his new job. Do administrators know how much teachers hate these things? Don't they realize that, for the most part, this time would be better spent working in the classroom?

Be nice to teachers. They are tired.

August was a hectic month. I had a successful day at the Music Heard Up North concert and art show Asgaard Farms. The weather was beautiful, the crowd was friendly and outgoing, everyone who stopped at the Arts Council booth (as seen in this lovely photograph) was interested in local art and handmade gifts. I sold many scarves and earrings and learned a lot more about the local fashion climate than any magazine article or "color forecast" map could have told me.

For instance, earlier this summer I dyed a few scarves in my Cebola Church Pallette (wheat and sage ribbon below) because it looked so pretty on the ribbons. I was a bit worried, wondering if they were going to be a miserable mistake but these scarves were the first to go and while they were in the booth, they were the first thing that most people coming in touched. I probably could have sold 10 of them. So, Molly and I will be mixing up some more of those colors this week!

In the same dyeing session, I had attempted to dye some scarves in my Sea Poppies pallette but they turned out very strange with an icy greyed out brown accent instead of a nice, rich black plum. I was very disappointed and was ready to toss them and call them a loss but Molly Bryn advised me to keep them and people loved those, too. Unfortunately, I can't figure out whet went wrong with that dye lot so I can't reproduce it. Aaargh! I still have a couple of those and will post photos as soon as I can get them taken.

The Saturday before last, we climbed Mt. Azure with Bry's sister, Molly, her 5 kids and our cousin, Karen and her two oldest. Maxx made it all the way to the top on his own. He is such a big boy! He also helped with haying yesterday at Grandma & Grandpa's. He's still too little to drive the tractor but he was helping throw bales around in the hay loft. He will make a great Farm Boy when he gets bigger.

Here's a photo of everyone but me and Devon on the big rock at the top of Mt. Azure. Apparently, it is traditional for everyone to pile up onto this big rock for a photo when you reach the top. Devon and I don't buy into the tradition. I took the photos while Devon whacked bits of moss with a stick.

Maxx starts pre-K on Thursday. I have been very stressed about this because of Maxx's shyness and his attachment issues but when we visited the room and met his teacher last week, he really enjoyed being there with the other kids and the toys. His teacher was great about spending some time with us talking about his food allergies and his needs in terms of attachment issues and assured us that she would work with the school counselor and us to help Maxx with adjusting. Best of all, she made a special effort to engage Maxx and took the time needed to coax intelligible answers out of him in a friendly way. I think things will work out well. IF I can get him on the bus Thursday morning! Our neighbor's son will also be attending Pre-K and is in Maxx's class so that will make everything easier for all of us, I hope.

Current projects:

I'm trying to make a miniature soft sculpture barn swallow in flight. What a nightmare! I've been through 3 models and they are all atrocities. I've ordered a book on sewn soft sculpture that I'm hoping will help.

I need to dye more scarves in preparation for the holiday season!

Earlier this summer I bought some seed beads of various sizes and shapes all in one color - a beautiful matte metallic plum/gold shade - that I'm dyeing to work with. I've done an experimental sampler in peyote stitch that turned out very nicely and now I want to construct a beaded medallion with a fuchsia rivoli in the center. That will take some time. I'll post some photos of all of these in the next few days - I hope!


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