New scarves, challenge themes and Pre-K

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So - Here are some photos of some of my new scarves. I'm still working on getting these done and loaded up into my shop but I thought that I would at least show off the Iced Poppies accidental colorway. I hated it at first but it has grown on me. It really is beautiful. I wish I felt like I could reproduce it.

The next scarf is in the Helmsman colorway. The final scarf photo is a terrible shot of the scarf but a lovely one of my girl.

Thursday was a good day for Maxx. I don't know why he wants to make such silly faces for the camera but it sure is cute! I did slick down that shock of hair before he hopped on the bus.

Getting on the bus was no problem the first day and he was all smiles and happiness when he got home. He broke down and cried when I put him on the bus today. He looked sooooo sad. I wanted to take him off again and bring him inside but I resisted. He really needs the time with other children and I need the help and advice of his teacher. Not to mention the 4 hours of "free time" this gives me. I got 20 new items loaded up at GoblinsMarket on Thursday!

On Friday, His teacher called to tell me she had noticed some difficulties on Thursday -Maxx wouldn't hold her hand, used "NO!" a lot and engaged in a lot of sensory stuff that indicated some potential problems (flapping hands when he ran or walked, etc...) nothing surprising and I'm really glad that she is tuned into what she sees from him. We used to see the hand flapping a lot when he first came to us but it had mostly disappeared by the first 6 months. He was doing it when he got off the bus Thursday so I knew that he was a little stressed. I feel that he is going to need a lot of support as he enters the big world and it is reassuring that he has a teacher who wants to communicate about his needs with us so much. I also feel that I need to be very sensitive to this transition period and help him feel secure. How does one do that with a 4 year old who communicates so poorly?

I've got 3 challenge themes I'm working on right now. The first one being the August Take It Further challenge, which was about balance. I've dreamed up a barn swallow mobile idea that I want to develop so I've been fighting with a home made pattern. I think I'm making progress but I'm NOT going to show it to all of you because the early stages are so embarrassing!

The next theme is from the EtsyBloggers street team blog carnival. We are to choose a favorite color and make something in that color. I'm half done with that challenge. I'm working with some beautiful gold/plum matte metallic seed beads and a volcano rivoli. Photos may be ready in a few days.

The final challenge is the September Take It Further challenge which is lists. Boy do I have lists. Itend to embellish my lists a lot. Perhaps I'll dig up some old embellished lists to share with you!

Oh - and here are some beautiful, tasty pink potatoes I took put of the garden Thursday. These are all from just one plant! How amazing - an entire meals' worth of 'taters grew from just a little chunk of potato stuck into the dirt and horse poop back in May! How cool is that?


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