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I recently joined Etsy Bloggers Street Team. The purpose of a "Street Team" is to form a community of Etsy artists who share a common interest and want to cooperate with each other in the business of promoting their shops. I've been poking around the message board and peeping into other Etsy Bloggers shops and having lots of fun! There are so many talented people at Etsy!

Each month every member of our Street Team posts a blog entry about the month's featured seller. This month's seller is our team leader, joeyandaleetha. This amazing woman is the mother of two very small children who sews the MOST amazing baby wear and accessories. Her designs feature fun little monster faces on well designed clothing items. I don't know where she finds all the wonderful fabric she uses - she's got the most amazing designs!

Here are some things I found in her shop that I thought were particularly nice or clever:

I love this dress. Molly would have been so cute in it! Maybe she makes them in teenager size, too?

Maxx would totally love these pants!

These wrist cuffs are a great idea - babies are always pulling at mom's clothes - why not give them something of their own to fiddle with?

And, really, where else are you going to find clothes for your baby to wear for Day of the Dead celebrations?


roseworksjewelry said...

Great feature :)

storybeader said...

great looking post!
think ayers and running in place {:-D

Shell Mitchell said...

I love that dress. I wonder if Joey would make one in my size:)

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