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Like all things in my life - I am slow to get challenges done. I haven't posted anything of real substance in the TIF challenge in a couple of months and this week I didn't get to my post for the September 15 Blog Carnival in time. But I'm going to post it anyway because I took the time to work on the project a bit and take photos.

The theme was to take a favorite color and use it in my work. Well, I have no favorite colors, but I did just order some seed beads of different sizes and shapes in a beautiful matte metallic gold/plum iris sort of color. I love the beads. They have a very iridescent quality but the matte finish makes it possible to see the myriad colors that make up that iris tone. Metallic finishes tend to just be reflective and I don't enjoy the colors as much. It is also interesting to note that a lot of these colors - the tawny browns and plummy pinks and vintage gold - are being seen in a lot of color forecast guides for the next couple of seasons.

A few weeks ago I started with a sampler of the shapes I had purchased; size 11 round, size 8 round, 2mm triangles and 3 mm squares. I really like how the sizes, shapes and color come together and I intend to make a bracelet cuff using the same basic pattern in odd count peyote stitch so that I can have a truly symmetrical pattern this time.

In the middle of the bracelet cuff, I intend to affix this lovely Swarovski rivoli caught in a medallion woven in circular right angle weave. I know that sounds oxymoronic but if you know what right angle weave is and think about it for a minute - you will understand how it can be worked in a circle. I really enjoy working on medallions lik ethis but I had frgotten how difficult it can be to affix the rivoli in the center firmly. That extra bit of weaving seems so tedious to me, it is difficult to avoid the temptation to do a shoddy job on a part that won't be on display.

I also took a few photos of some new beads I just got in from bluemarblebeads at Etsy. I think I must be on an earth tones kick. I am also loving all of these fun shapes of "vintage" lucite beads. They are so lightweight and have so much sparkle, one can make some great earrings with them without worrying about giving customers "droopy earlobe syndrome."


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