More New Beads!!!

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Bronze & Aqua Herringbone
New Seed beads arrived Wednesday!

I finally got them photographed - just need to figure out the per-gram price and get them listed in my shop.

They are so wonderful.  I made this lovely herringbone bracelet with Bronze Bugles and Gold Lined Mate Aqua 11's.  ( I also discovered that I either need a wrist model or a Photoshop genius - my wrists are just become too wrinkly and furry to look enticing in a product photo.)

Higher Metallic Frosted Copper Twilight

I've got lots of really yummy earthy neutrals/metallics this time and some new shapes.

I've been wanting some of these copper twilight beads for YEARS but never felt bold enough to shell out the cash for them.  They are pricey but my wholesaler had a special going this month so here they are!

Gold Lustered African Sunset 1.5mm cubes

These little cubes are wonderful.  I used to think I didn't like cubes but that was because I had only used the larger ones.  They are pretty limited because of their size and shape but these tiny cubes are wonderful.

Grey & Gold - see how those cubes shimmer?!

My current favorite technique is to use them with bugles in Right Angle Weave bracelets.  The gold  lined ones I bought  (aqua, rainbow crystal and inside color rose gold lined)  are particularly amazing chamelions.   They either recede into the background of the design, allowing the bugles to take center stage or - depending on how the light hits them - flare up and look as if they are shining hundreds of tiny beacons from your wrist!  (Here's one in progress!)

I liked the gold lined aqua 15o beads I bought last time so much that I expanded that color a bit - 1.5mm cubes, 11o and 8o size beads help round it out.   (These tiny blue cubes look amazing with matte iris purple bugles.)

Matte Iris Gray
One thing that always irks me about buying seed beads is that colors can be  . . . less than perfectly rendered on a monitor or a photograph.  (I suspect that lots of sellers shift the saturation balance - those colors are in there but are so subtle as to be almost invisible without a little photoshop "boost")

These beads are Matte Iris Brown which look much more iridescent if you see them on just about any other bead shop's website.  I was really excited about them because they just looked so rainbow-y online.  I was very disappointed when I opened them.  But they are growing on me.  If I forget that I was expecting a muted oil slick effect and accept them as wonderfully subtle, soft grey beads that have a slight hint of of an iridescent gleam, they are great.  I used these bugles with gold cubes in that bracelet sample above. 

Iris Purple Bugle
Silver Lined Mauve Pink 11o

Metallic Purple Bugle

 And I suspect that they will pair amazingly well with these Iris bugles.

And - of course, I bought a few knock-your-socks-off bright colors.

The plan is to have all of these up in my Luna's Baublebilities shop by mid-week this week.

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Stay Sparkley!



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