What is this Blog about, anyway?

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I ask myself that a lot.  This month's blog carnival for BlogFire has an open-ended "introduce you blog" sort of theme that has had me thinking about what this blog is all about.

Presumably, this blog is about the running of my business - though relatively few posts actually deal with businessy stuff.  It has really become more of a mish-mash of stuff from my life.

There's stuff about my family, including some interesting posts about adoption, toddler adoption and infertility.

I have a few tutorials, a little information about tools and helps for managing books, some blathering about storage and studio issues, a few tidbits about the new house which I mostly stopped posting about here because we (I) started up the Beorningstead blog (which NO ONE else has bothered to post about in spite of giving the two other literate persons in the household administrative rights to the blog.) 

I also like to post about projects I'm working on and new supplies.  (I'm getting a BIG shipment of more beads next week!!!)

If you spend some time fumbling through my tag index, (right down there -the the left), you might find something interesting.  Or you might just notice that this is the blog of a highly disorganized,  easily distracted artist/mom with at least a touch of ADHD who hops from project to project & topic to topic and hasn't learned how to impose order or consistency upon any aspect of her life.  (boy - do I need to clean up my tags!)

Yup.  That pretty much sums it up.  Thanks for visiting!


Carey Lynn said...

yup, this is Xactly the kinda blog I love to read! keep posting:)

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