Too Many Labels?

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So a few days ago I was looking at my label index on my blog. 

It is over 150 items long. 

That's too much, right?

I need to go through and pare it down a bit - make categories broader and with less overlap and confusion.  Maybe I'll get to that one of these days. 

How many do you think is enough without being too much?  25?  40? 

Gah!  I'm no good at reduction.

Time to wash the dishes, I guess. 

(That great photo up top?  Molly took that last year at haying time.  The same field is being mowed this week - it was re-seeded last fall and they expect a thousand bales from it!!)


MulticoloredPieces said...

Just stopped by from Stitchin' Fingers to say hello and to enjoy your blog while glued to the AC (it's approaching 100 F. here in Tunisia). Your phtography and beadwork are lovely and I especially like the scarves.
best, nadia

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