Shops are on Vacation

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You'll notice that my Etsy shops are no longer in my sidebar . . . .

We are moving next week to the new house.  We plan to have our first night there on Maxx's last day of school next Wednesday.  There's still a lot to do and it will be VERY rustic at first (like - no kitchen, no real bathroom - just a tiny toilet room and a tiny shower room - ongoing construction all summer, a studio sink and a microwave,  etc . . .) but it is TIME. 

When I'm settled into the new studio, I will decide whether or not to re-open my Etsy shops.  The stuff going on over there makes me sick.  (see Etsy Bitch for more info - new garbage every week)  Goblins' Market DIED in March and I haven't sold much of anything at Luna's Baublebilities over there in the 3 years I've been there.  I'm tired of paying listing fees with no guarantee of customer service and their arbitrary and vindictive approach to enforcing their own TOU makes me a little skeptical of trusting their management style to my income.

I'm taking a break while we move and see how I feel when I get settled.

ArtFire Goblins' Market will remain open with limited inventory.  I really like ArtFire.  

Wish us luck with our move.  You can see more about our progress over at the Beorningstead blog.  We're so excited to settle over there!


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