In Which Maxx Makes Earrings for his Teacher

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Maxx was home all week last week with some strange stomach bug which didn't really make him sick per-say, it just required that he frantically race to the bathroom three or four times each day.  It was a rough week.  He was bored, I was distracted, we were all trying to work at the Beorningstead as much as we could, Molly was studying (ha!) and we were all worrying about our neighbors.

Our dear friends and neighbors, Ken & Kim, are struggling with the seriously declining health of both of their fathers.  Kim has been in Burlington almost constantly for the past three months helping care for her dad and last week, Ken's dad broke his leg.  Now both of them are in Burlington and neither outlook is rosy.  I fear it is going to be a sad summer in Ft. Jackson. 

On Saturday, we had some earrings to make for a party Molly was invited to.  Maxx wanted to play beads, too, and I realized that I hadn't prepared anything for his awesome kindergarten teacher yet.  Mrs. Arquiett has been so wonderful with Maxx.  She has been patient with his needs and behaviors.  She has been educating herself about how to help him with his sensory, attachment and social issues and I know that she has been instrumental in Maxx's progress this year. 

Maxx chose the beads and we strung together some lovely RED earrings.  Maxx loves red.  He loves Mrs. Arquiett, too.  He's going to miss her over the summer.  (I think I will too!)

In other news, we are making slow progress over at the Beorningstead and we have some potential buyers coming to look at the Ft. Jackson house on Friday.  We have a new realtor and she really seems to be working hard to get our house seen.   Bry has received his teaching assignment fornext year.  He will be working full time in an 8-1-1 program in Huevelton.  It will be a big drive every day (1 hour, on good roads) but it will be full time, he will have a full time aide in the room, he will have a planning period, most of his students will be mainstreamed and will mostly be in his room for academic support.  Heuvelton is actually a wonderful little district so I think he will like the atmosphere there AND they actually use their snowdays when the weather is truly awful, instead of saving them for hockey tournaments.  (Don't even ask.  I am still furious.)

Now - on to work for the day.  Soooo much to do!


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