Wednesday Wishes - Electricity

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Oh, how I wish we had electricity at the new house.  If we had electricity there, we could charge up batteries for the variable speed power drill so that we could keep using it instead of having it die in the middle of a job and not having a charged up batery right handy 'cause we're too hurried to think everything through evey time.

Sigh.  I did a quick search for electricity over at Etsy and found some nifty things including this lovely altered photo from studiolyon.

I also love this transformer tie from toybreaker.   We gave Bry a toybreaker tie last year - it is yellow with a raven silk screened on it.  It is holding up very well and the image quality is top notch.  I'd fill his closet with toybreaker ties if I had the cash.

 But mrsbutler takes the cake.  I wish I needed these right now.  Maybe I should order some so they'll be ready when we are???

 I want these colors for my kitchen anyway. . . .

This would be cute in Maxx's room.

And for our paprika (and brown?) livingroom

. . . .


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