Custom Order Satin and Velvet Devore Scarves!

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I've been making custom order scarves for friends and family for a while now and thought it was probably time for me to start offering them in my online shops.  This post is a reference page for anyone who wants to oder a custom satin or velvet devore scarf from me.  Want to buy one?  Click in either my Artfire shop or my LunasBaublebilities Etsy shop.

Below you will see photos of the devore designs that I have available and HERE you can see a sampling of the color palettes that I've developed.  Of course, you are welcome to submit your own color choices if you have something in mind that you don't see here.  You should send me a message if want me to create a custom color palette for you, I'll work with what you like to create a scarf whose colors blend beautifully.  The satin scarves tend to lean toward a paler color load while the velvet scarves soak up the dye like crazy and result in a very vibrant and intense color load.

Satin Devore Scarves - these scarves are rayon satin on a silk backgroubnd.  An etching acid has been silk screened on the fabric to eat away the rayon and leave the silk.  The shiny pattern is where the rayon was left on the silk.  Most of these (except Edwardian Floral) have a beautiful 6" long fringe at both ends.  All patterns are available without fringe if you prefer but that will take extra time to produce.  15 x 60- inches long.  Beautiful and luxurious!

Nouveau  Pattern  (fringed)

                                                                              Underwater Pattern (fringed)

Bamboo Pattern (fringed)


         Edwardian Floral (no fringe!)

Velvet Scarves - These are 12 x 60 inches with 3 inches of fringe on each end - 66 inches of luxurious glamour!  Made of silk/rayon velvet,the same process is used to produce the designs as on the satin devore scarves.  These scarves are warm enough to cozy up with on a chilly autumn day and cool enough to wear through a day at the office. 

Jacobean Pattern

Swirls Pattern

Blossom Pattern

. . . . . . .
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