How did I get a Mole in my vacuum cleaner???

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I awoke this morning to Maxx shaking my arm and exclaiming about a mousie caught in the vacuum cleaner. I thought he was pretending to have a mouse caught so I went along with his game until I dioscovered - lo and behold - there really was a small thing moving around in the vacuum! Not a mousie - a mole.

What a crazy way to start the day.

First, I have no idea how the boy got downstairs before me. I have excellent sneaky-child radar and am usually awake before he even gets to the hallway, much less all the way downstairs.

Second, aside from the fact that we live in a crumbling old farm house, I have no idea why we have so many moles suddenly. I caught one in a snappy mouse trap a week ago. Earlier this week, one got caught in a mice cube (a more humane mousie catcher). And now this one - the vacuum cleaner mole. Maybe it is an invasion of sorts. A super cute & soft, speedy, sightless invasion.

Third, I have no idea what would have induced this particular mole to crawl into my vacuum cleaner, all the way up the tube and fall into the dust bin at the bottom. But there he was, all dusty and dirty and longing for freedom. He'll get it soon enough. Right now he's in the trash bin but soon he will also go for a walk in the woods.

We are learning a lot about rodents around here lately. Moles are vey cute in a strange sort of way. they move MUCH more quickly than you would expect and can jump quite high - they are almost impossible to photograph. They like dog food and a drink of water after they have been caught in the vacuum for several hours. They almost never stop moving while in captivity and their fur really is just about the softest thing on the planet. (I don't recommend petting a mole bare handed unless he has calmed down enough to be touched. Moles have a poison in their saliva that paralyses earthworms - it can't feel good in your finger.)

BTW - if you are freaked out by small furry, speedy things, remember that I live in the East's largest bat sanctuary. Small furry things WITHOUT wings are awesome.


Kiki said...

This has got to be the funniest thing I have seen or read today! But it isn't just you that is being invaded by the moles. The news had a story about them a couple weeks ago and apparently the crazy cold, warm, cold, warm, cold weather has affected their breeding schedule, hence the numbers. We get them, too! I am the designated mole/snake/creature catcher in my building because I am the only one who doesn't scream,... unless it is a spider!! Are they really sightless?

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