New Beads are a-comin!

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I have been slobbering around my favorite supplier's website for several months now cobbling together the perfect basket full of beads. (Thank heavens for auto-save shopping carts!) I don't know if it is the weather or what, but I am now anxiously awaiting a shipment of beads in a very springy theme - lots of pinks and vibrant greens. Here's a partial preview. Because I took the time to craft this order in a very specific color range, I will probably put together some kits or mixes based on these beads so people can enjoy a few of each at pretty low cost.

After I put this cart together, I checked the color forecast guides and some of these colors are coming up this spring and summer in the fashion world. I'm not sure whether to be encouraged about this or worried. I made the mistake one year of using color forecast guides to dictate what colors I used for dyes and didn't get a great response. Now I go with my own instincts for colors and have better success and more personal satisfaction. I suspect that most of my customers are like me - they create with the colors they want to use at the moment - not with whatever Christian Dior sent down the runway last week. But somebody might be looking for just that special shade of green and maybe I'll have it - that's always nice.

I've also ordered a quarter kilo of permanent finish gold seed beads that I'm really excited about. I've had a friend request something special in velvet dyed purple with gold netted seed bead fringe. I don't even have the fabric dyed yet, but I'm already breathless over THAT project! I love looking at the seed beds this seller has - and I want to order a kilo of every color but . . . seed beads don't tend to sell well of Etsy and it is very expensive to stock lots of seed beads. Maybe if I ever open up a real bead store, I will make the financial commitment to carry a full line of seed beads . . . .

Enough wool gathering! Time to go figure my NS Sales Tax payment for this year. That's why I placed my order Before I did my bookwork this morning!


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