I made some beautiful earrings

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for MYSELF but found that they were just too heavy for my elderly ears. (Believe it or not, earlobes start to get saggy and wrinkled somewhere around 40-ish. Sigh.)

The gorgeous artisan beads are lovely enough that I don't want to sell them off. I guess Molly Bryn gets to enjoy them until I find another use for those beads.

The beads were made by Lori Lochner, a fellow Adirondack artist. She does incredible things with glass and has a small but wonderful Etsy shop.

I love the etched glass beads in this necklace.

And her sea urchin beads are wonderful.

But it is this Conch bead that really blows me away. Someday I want to work magic in glass like her!


Kiki said...

I LOVE the earrings! That sea urchin bead is stunning!

Virginia Burnett said...

I love them, too and am sad that they really just do not work for me. But they look incredible on Molly Bryn.

Sometimes I feel like Snow White's evil step mother. I'm realizing that I'M no longer the fairest of them all! LOL!

Kiki said...

I can still lie to myself, a fact that I enjoy! But, living with 5 menfolk allows that lie!! The only female competition I have are the dog and a cat! I WIN!!

yarnahoy said...

Holy smoke! You've made some great finds here!

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