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Here are a few photos of two projects I'm currently working on.

I love these jet black picasso seed beads! I'm working
on a beaded vessel pendant in them. They have brass filigree caps for the ends, beaded tassels, and a peyote stitch strap. The vessel is based on the Dustin Wedekind's Square Stitch Tubes from November 2007 Beadwork magazine.

It looks a little
naked at the point where the vessel dangles from the peyote strap. I left the cord unembellished so that the vessel can open. I will probably add some dangly fringe from the main strap to fill that empty space with.

contemplating putting together a kit for this project but I'm not sure that I'm up to all of the illustration necessary!

The second piece is a lariat style necklace inspired by the fantabulous blue mix of beads and perals I put together for my store a few months ago. I posted some photos of the beads I planned to use back in November but the design has morphed substantially since that post. It was originally going to be a regular pendant with a large focal bead but I decided that a lariat style necklace would be more interesting and versatile.

I love the brass filigree circle that works as the 'clasp' for the lariat. the beads slide through nicely and it is heavy and substantial. I will have to order some more of these but they are quite expensive and I have to get them by the gross so they will have to wait a few months.

The cord is my hand dyed
rolled cord in Helmsman colorway. I twisted the cord and sewed the ends together with silk thread (the same thread I am using to add the encrustation embellishments). The end of the cord is held together with the small oval filigree bead/wraps. They open up and cose again to enclose the end of the cord, efectively covering the stitching to sew the ends of the cord together.

Check back in in a few months - maybe I'll have these finished by then!


Kim said...

These are beautiful! My fave is the vessel pendant! I love to bead, but I am NOWHERE near your league. You have some fantastic style with these.

Virginia Burnett said...

:) Thanks. After 11 years with a bead addiction, you start to develop the side effect of skill.

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