Earring Options for Luranah

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Luranah of Demeterarts has asked for some possible variations on the Ice Princess earrings so here are some options for her.

Letter A has one of the beads I convo-ed you about. The aqua faceted bead does not fit.

Letter B and C have acrylic beads. C fits firmly. B is a little sloppy in this cap. D and E are with a diferent syle of cap and a longer briolete.

Letter F and G are also acrylic beads, fit tightly into a different style of cap. Letter H fits snugly into the different cap, Letter K is the same bead in the original cap - it is a bit sloppy but could be squeezed to fit.
J is a swarovski crystal. It is a bit small for the cap.
I is oneof the new teardrop beads. They come in luster blue, turquoise and matter black picasso.

L M and N are all the longer bead cap with some other acrylic beads available.



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