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This fall I have been very busy getting ready for the St. Lawrence County Arts Council's annual studio tour. This is an opportunity for people to visit artists in their own studios or as guests at other studio locations and watch artists create, see their recent work and possibly purchase work directly from the artist. I like to have lots of new scarves and jewelry items on hand for Studio Tour weekend because it falls so close to the holiday gifting season. If you are interested in the concept of Studio Tours or if you live in or near St. Lawrence County, NY, check out the SLC Arts Council's website.

In the previous years, I spent the autumn painting lots of silk scarves, but my 3 year old was just way too interested in the whole silk stretching and painting process for me to be successful with painting so my daughter and I painted some beautiful satin and velvet devore scarves this year instead. We discovered that with proper preparation, we could get 6 to 8 scarves painted during a single naptime! I will post pictures of some of these scarves in a few days.

I have also joined a complex cloth round robin through the Yahoo Complex Cloth discussion group. The idea behind this project is for each participant to dye or otherwise decorate one yard of cotton fabric, send it to the next person and alter the yard of fabric they get from the person before them on the list. This group has 7 participants per group, so sometime in the next 7 or 8 months I will get my original fabric back. You can read more about this process by visiting the group at The blue fabric at the top of the page is the yard I sent out into the world to be altered.

I've also been working with some new jewelry techniques including some encrusted medallion beadwork inspired by Marcia DeCoster's article in Beadwork this summer and some unusual wireworked earrings. As soon as I learn how to post multiple photos in a blog in a way that makes sense, I will include photos of those, too. For now, bedtime draws near and I believe that some Dr. Seuss is in order.


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