First Day with my new Blog

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Welcome to Luna's Baublebilities! This being my first entry in my new blog, perhaps it would be appropriate for me to introduce myself and outline the reasons why I've decided to start a blog.

I am a 30 somethingish stay at home mom and artist. I work in textiles and jewelry when I have free time from homeschooling. I also work part time at my local Arts Council. I have been working with beaded jewelry since 1995 and with silk painting and complex cloth since 2001. Most of my work in the past has been given as gifts or sold locally as a means of supporting my art habit.

Lately, I have been wanting to expand my horizons a bit in terms of the techniques I use, the way that I interact with the arts community and the market I sell to. This blog will become a journal of my explorations in the online arts community and my current projects. Readers may also find occasional posts about homeschooling, supporting the arts in rural communities, literature and how art fits into the daily life of my family.


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