2 new bags

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It has been a very busy week. My grandmother passed away last Wednesday and our household has been in a bit of a funk since. I have not been very productive and it shows the minute you step into the house!

Today I broke out some studio supplies to work on two bags. The canvas shopping bags were donated to the St. Lawrence County Arts Council by a former board member who thought they might be useful for a class or a fund raiser. The Arts Council is distributing them to local artists to be decorated and returned to the gallery where they will be offered for sale. My simple bags project utilized fabric painting and stamping & stenciling with home made stamps & stencils. I intended to add beads but the more I worked with the canvas fabric, the more I worried about attaching them securely. I'll sleep on it tonight and see if I wake up with any inspiration. I took photos during the process for a tutorial that I will put up as soon as I get an opportunity.

Anyone interested in buying a bag can contact the S.L.C. Arts Council. All proceeds will go to support the Arts Council.


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