Filling Up my Supply Shop

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I've decided that I really, really miss shipping out hundreds of beads each week. 

Actually what I really, really miss is being able to buy thousands of beads every month.  It makes me giddy every time a new package arrives.

I'm loving ArtFire and I've decided to just go ahead and fill my new shop to the brim.  To celebrate, I'm having a coupon sale - free shipping on orders over $20.00 from now until May 20th.  Get the coupon code from the widget in the sidebar here or in my ArtFire shop.  Since I'm adding new items every day, you can use the coupon as many times as you want to.  If you're looking for something you bought in the past in my Etsy shop that I don't have loaded up in ArtFire yet, let me know and I'll get it in there for you.

Happy Spring.  Happy Baublebilities!


Barry said...

V- made me laugh to think that the arrival of stock was such a high. Good to see you are well. B

Virginia said...

We absolutely LOVE unpacking bags of sparklies! It makes me feel like a kid again. And Maxx plays Pirate with all the treasure until it gets boxed up in the appropriate storage bins. :)

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