Significant Progress - for a Slob

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So - in spite of being sick - again.  Sheesh.  (And - no it's not allergies - I just seem to be susceptible to every stinking virus that comes down the pipe.)   I cleaned in the South Studio today.

I actually started in the pantry.  It proved to be too cold for canned goods back there this winter - though a side of beef would have done just fine between November and early March - so I moved most of the remaining food stuffs down cellar, threw away what was unusable and claimed several shelves for studio storage.

Then I moved on to the mess on and around the table and counter in the South Studio.  Now both the table and counter are clean, many studio related stuffs are stored away in the pantry instead of crammed in precariously stacked little bins under the counter and the floor is clean so I can move around it without tripping over or stepping on things.

BUT in the process of cleaning, I unearthed many, many boxes and piles and tins and bins of stuff that needs sorting and better storage.  That all got heaped in the North Studio where I will tackle it tonight - or maybe Monday.  I really need to develop a good system for storing works in progress.  I'm getting better at storing the finished work carefully in boxes and/or bins and I think I'm getting there with textiles but beadwork - Whew!   More than half of what I need to sort through is unfinished beadwork and random beads and findings that didn't get put away when their projects were completed.  Oh!  The tangles and the dust.

I also need to call AGAIN and find out where my dragonflies are.  I've been waiting over two months.  If there were another wholesale source I would switch but - alas - I'm getting them from the people who actually make them.


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