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I popped over to Kingdom of the Blind today to see an intriguing photograph of a Rat's hippocampus that was the 2nd place winner in the Olympus Bioscapes International Digital Imaging Competition.  (Amazingly artful life science photography using digital devices.) 

Melody and her co-contributers live in Australia and work for the Queensland Brain Institute.  Kingdom of the Blind is part of the Culture at Work project.  Melody has done many embroideries exploring the structure of the brain in various stages of health and disease.  It's really a fascinating project within Australia's wonderful endeavor to tie the worlds of science and art closer together.

I was very grateful for the link to the Photo contest.  I remember being impressed with 2009's winners but that was a whole year ago and I forgot to go back to the site for more inspiration what with all of the packing and moving and construction and general chaos running rampant around here.

I see lots of textile possibilities in these winners and runners-up.  How about an embroidered Dragonfly eye?

Or maybe DaddyLonglegs eyes?  (Both eye photos by Dr. Igor Siwanowicz from the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology, Munich, Germany.)

Molly thought some screen printed pattern designs would be awesome - Silk Diatom Dress, anyone?  Yes, please!  (Photo by Dr. Michael Shribak over at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory.  Dr. Shribak obtained this image of Diatom arachnoidiscus using incredibly cool techniques he and his team invented and are exploring with the video enhanced polychromatic polarized light microscope.  Click on his name above to find out a little more.)
Please visit the website to see all the winners and honorable mentions.  This work is simply incredible.

Thanks to Drs.  Siwanowicz and Shribak for their permission to post their photographs here. 


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