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In checking through my stats this morning for my ArtFire shop, I noticed that visits skyrocketed on Sunday.  That made me happy but perplexed.  Perhaps this Front Page Collection had something to do with it?

I love ArtFire's Front page.  Etsy has developed a very predictable look for their FP and they use a very rigid set of criteria for choosing FP items.  It always looks clean and . . . predictable.  ArtFire surprises me every day.  Sometimes the collection is bright and wild, sometimes muted and soft, sometimes supplies are featured, or "crafty" crafts, sometimes wall art, photography or jewelry or a color theme is featured.  Sometimes one of my products turns up there.

Thank you, BeautifulAdditions, for including my dragonfly in such a great collection.  And thank you, ArtFire for putting in on the FP!


Cait Throop said...

YAY! Congrats, Ginny! It really is a gorgeous FP!! Have to look into artfire after the holidays!
xo Cait

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