New Colors!

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I have some gorgeous new colors for my Dragonflies and other enameled brass piece in my shops this spring!
There's Mossy

and Saffron

and Shimmery Copper

and Shimmery Fuchsia.

They are in my Etsy shop now but ArtFire will have to wait 'till Friday.  Allergy boy is home today so I can monitor his breathing - snot rocket, big cough, poor peak flow - nebulizer treatments all day.  I love spring.

Oh yeah - and I neeeed to have one of these cameras someday.  We had a Polaroid when I was a kid and I was so sad to hear that they discontinued their instant cameras.  Now Fuji is picking up that market with a teeneency camera that prints teeneency pictures.  What fun!

. . . . . . .


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