Leather and Pearls Bracelet Class

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We had a great class last night - I had 4 wonderful students who caught on to the project quickly.  We had very few tangles and snags and everyone finished their bracelet before the end of class.  We did have to pound a pearl with an iron to get it to release a stuck needle, but it turned out O.K. in the end.

I spent most of the day yesterday creating an instruction booklet for class.  I'm getting better at those.  For this one, I actually took photos of the process and created a PDF file with PrimoPDF so that I could print the instructions quickly from home or the Arts Council or just about anywhere without having to mess around with slow copiers or software incompatibility. 

I'd like to work on an instruction manual for my Daisies and put kits for them in my shops.  I'm waiting on new colors of daggers to make kits but I could probably start on instructions now.  In the meantime - here is my PDF instruction book for Leather and Pearls Bracelet.  Let me know what you think - but not about my hands.  Yes, I know they are getting old and I really need a manicure before I attempt to photograph myself doing beadwork again.

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