Wednesday Wishes

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How did it get to be Wednesday again already???

I have a whole list of wishes again today - like;

I wish the national weather service was ever right about these huge blizzards that they predict will snow us in for three blissful days by the fireplace.

I wish everyone in this house would learn how to put their laundry away.  (The teeneager should begin to lean that putting laundry away does not mean putting it on her floor.  YES!  I know that is where I kept MY laundry as a teen, but that's not where hers should go.  WHERE are her father's neat genes, anyway?  I'm sure I put them in there.  Sheesh.)

I wish I were in my new studio so that I wouldn't have to paint scarves on my hands and knees on the living room floor today.

And mostly - I wish I had time to play with these today.

They're available in my Etsy and Art Fire shops in groups of four.  They are incredibly bright and sparkley Amethyst and Carnelian CZs that I got for an amazing bargain price.  They are so impressive, especially all stranded together like that - Molly cried when I cut them off their tasseled strands.  It was a bit painful.  I hate de-stringing beads.  They need 26 gauge wire, 24 is just a teensy bit too big for most of the beads.


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