Wednesday Wishes - Time!

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Today's Wednesday Wish is for more time!  It actually snowed today and we are still dragging along with the Beorningstead.  There is good news on that front but I fear we won't be moving in before November. . . maybe in time for Christmas?

We are really going to ned some clocks over there so I took a quick look at Etsy and ArtFire for clocks.  I was disapointed to find that thefirst 5 pages of my Etsy search for "clock" turned up a bunck of faux steampunk re-mangled timepieces glued together in strange configurations.  Sheesh.

I did like kaileyhawthorn's painted recycled vinyl record clocks.  They are lovely and clever. 

The photo at the top of this post is one of PhilsWoodcrafts Arts and Crafts clocks over at ArtFire.  Of course I would want the $325.00 clock!   I hope someone buys his clocks - they really are beautiful and look quite well made.  He's got a shop over on Etsy, too.

As a follow up to my last post about nut allergies - Molly and I did take a field trip to the candy aisle in Walmart.  Here is a list of things we found that ARE NOT safe for people with tree nut allergies this Halloween.  I'm not providing a list of what IS safe because that could change at any moment - folks should always check the label.  Checking the labels in the candy aisle proved to be a difficult task as not all manufacturers put a bold allergy warning at the bottom of the ingredients list if there are actual nuts in the product - they are just thrown into the list of ingredients, there is no highlighting or any other means of alerting consumers to the danger of nuts.  Candies made on contaminated equipment (equipment that also processes nuts) generally do have a highlighted warning at the bottom of the ingredients list but they are not as large or as bold as the warning you'll see on ceral boxes and the like.

Candys containing Tree Nuts or produced on equipment that also processes Tree Nuts:
- All Walmart Great Value brand candied & chocolate covered fruits & nuts.
- All Walmart Great Value brand candies - hard, soft, chocolate or otehrwise.  It is All contaminated with nuts.
 - All Brach's Candy - every single last bag is contaminated
- Snickers
- Hershey's bar with Almonds
- Almond Joy & Mounds
- Nestle Crunch
- Nestle Milk Chocolate Bars
- Peanut Butter M&M's
- Almond M&M's
- Strawberry & Peanut M&M's
- Peanut M&M's
- small plastic wrapped Hershey's milk chocolate bars (not the minis - the size up from minis)
- Hershey Kisses with Almonds
- Hershey's Cookies & Cream Kisses
- All Sponge Bob brand Candy
- Hershey's double chocolate
- Hershey's Nuggets - all of these are made on contaminated equipment
- Farley's Kiddie Mix
- Necco non pareils


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