Wedding Photos and new earrings

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Here are some photos of our beautiful bride wearing her jewelry. It was such a lovely day - an unexpected gift from Mother Nature in March. Lauren's look from her dress to her hair was very vintage - the pearls complimented this look quite nicely but they were nothing compared to her radiance.

One thing that really strikes me is that while many brides spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and many days and weeks preparing themselves for the wedding, Laren's day was relatively simple and she looked happier and lovelier than any big spending "bridezilla" I've ever seen.

Also in this post - some new earrings I've made with some beaded beads. These are my new favorite thing (wonder how long that will last) and the instructions can be found in the latest issue of Beadwork. These beaded beads are included in the Vintage Charm bracelet by
Amy Haftkowycz on page 73. You wouldn't expect to find these fun beads in this project but there they are and they can be used for so much more than dangles on a charm bracelet. Now I know why you need lots of 3mm fire-polished roundelles! I've alwas focused on having 4mm and up but I'll mend my ways in the future. ;)


Kim said...

The wedding jewelry is beautiful and so is the bride!! I love the earrings you made! They look difficult for a novice like me, but they are beautiful. I love shiny things!

Virginia Burnett said...

These are actually the easiest beaded beads I have ever made! The hardest part is keeping the tension right on your thread, and even that is easy to adjust and correct. I'm even contemplating a beginner beadwork class based on the concept.

The Quiet One said...

Those earrings look great. And I agree with you, I've never really understood the concept on spending thousands on the wedding.

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