Scarves and studios

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So, I still have plenty of special commission scarves to finish this spring and I've been experiencing some challenges getting to them. I've been experiencing challenges getting to everything, lately!

I have, simply and irrevocably, outgrown my studio. The place is a mess. Yards of fabric are folded and heaped on top of the fabric bins that are too full to hold them, the fabric bins perch atop one another in front of the shelves that are too full to hold more bins. Bead jars containing saleable beads and project beads are scattered across every flat surface in the room. Water jugs, dyes and chemical bottles compete for space on the uppermost shelves. Used studio towels litter the floor, a massive box of Uline paded envelopes lurks under the table - Ziggy is quite put out at this intrusion - and inventory that needs to be photograped, stored, posted in my shops and generally managed is scattered everywhere.

I am losing my mind.

But the good news is that we are moving to a new home soon - assuming that we can make the bank happy enough to give us a very small mortgage. Our new home will have a new studio. Twice as big as the one I'm working in now. With running water.

Let me say that again - my new studio will have running water. Running water uncontaminated by cow poop. I cannot begin to tell you how happy this prospect makes me.

I will have separate, dedicated work spaces within the room which means that I will be able to leave a scarf drying on a frame on the dyeing table and move immediately to a sewing or beading project at the dry table. I will be able to mix my dyes and clean my tools in the same space that I am working in - no more running up and downstairs with buckets and jugs of water or trying to wrangle stretcher frames and chemicals all around the house! No more 7 hour days trying to dye devore scarves on my hands and knees on the livingroom floor before the holiday season. I will have little shelves to house all of my bead canisters on so that I can see al of my beads at once and find what I need without picking each canister up individually and peering in to determine the contents.

Here are photos of two new scarves I painted yesterday. I recently made two new swallow resist stamps - featured in these scarves. They are backlit but you can still see the designs pretty well. I'll post a stamp making how-to in a few days.

Now on to housecleaning, scarf curing, and class prep!


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