Lost in Hopkinton

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It must be that my home is becoming known as a safe house for dog. Whenever the neighbor's dogs get out, they come to see me. They know that I will let them inside to get warm by the fire & have a little snack while they wait for their family to come and get them. I do this because

1 - I love dogs
2 - The other neighbor shoots dogs &
3 - We get some irresponsible traffic on our road.

This morning, I noticed an unfamiliar pooch wandering around behind the neighbor's houses. When Maxx and I went out to meet the bus, this fellow dashed across the road and greeted us joyfully, bestowing kisses and happy noises. Maxx got on the bus and Lost here trotted right up into the house.

He smelled around, didn't pee on anything, ddn't jump on the furniture, sniffed Ziggy's bed and left it alone and then settled in in front of the fire. He is exhausted and needs a home.

So - check with all your Hopkinton area friends to see if they are missing a dog. The animal control fellow will be picking him up here early this afternoon to take him to the pound. Happily, our shelter does not regularly euthanise animals. They will care for him until he gets a good home.

Lost behaves as if he has lived in a house with people who cared for him but he has no collar nor any sign of a collar. He is scrawny but won't eat out of Ziggy's dish. He did happily accept a couple of hot dogs from me as bribery to get him into the bathroom so we could bring Ziggy back inside and upstairs. His legs were very pink when he came in but are returning to a normal color and he has a few spots where he looks bruised from running in the snow. He has some matted fur on his hindquarters.

He looks fairly young, apparently likes kids (seemed excited about the school bus & gave Maxx a very enthusiastic greeting) and is relatively calm. He is exhausted - keeps laying down and trying to sleep but hopping up whenever we walk across the room or when a car goes by.

He's so sweet - Molly wants to keep him. If he is abandoned, I'd like to punch his former owner in the nose.

If you know who he is, give me a shout or call the Potsdam Animal Shelter where he will be going later today. If you don't know who he is but are looking for a largeish, friendly dog, stop by the Posdam Humane Society to meet this guy. He comes highly recommended.

UPDATE - Lost is on his way to the Shelter. Mr. Phillips just picked him up. Lost greeted him very happily and hopped right up into the truck. Good luck, Lost!


Leslie said...

It always amazes me that animals know where to find people who will not hurt them, you are an angel and Lost knows it....hope he found some more angels....

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