Featured EtsyBlogger for February

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This month's Featured Etsy Blogger is Donna Pool. Donna has a very nifty shop filled with all sorts of interesting trinkets, mostly buttons, pocket mirrors and photographs.

She is obviously bolder than I am because she is wiling and able to cut up vintage magazines and turn them into buttons or magnets or push pins or key chains . . . . .

This is something that I would really love to do but I can't bring myself to cut up literature of any kind. Believe me,I've tried. I've purchased old books at garage sales, intending to chop them up for their illustrations or use them as altered books. I get my scissors out or a bottle of gesso and . . . freeze. The book goes on my shelf. It is insane.

Possibly I need a support group to overcome this phobia as the results look like so much fun!

Donna also has lots of cat related buttons and photos. I have heard that one can sell anything with a cat on it, and often feel that putting cats on everything is a bit of a sell out. But Donna's black and white cat photos are really wonderful and I'm still a sucker for sleeping kitten posters. Dona also has a few photos of rural Texas countryside and material culture that will feel homey for anyone who has grown up anywhere in Backwoods America.

If you need a bit of vintage silliness or some warm and fuzzy kitens in your life right now, pop over to Donna's shop. Her items are perfectly priced for gift giving or office decorating. Donna obviously does a good job of making her customers happy, too, because the feedback left for her shop is fabulous! Have a great February, Donna!


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