January Take it Further Challenge

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Here are photos of my progress in the January Take it Further challenge. Earlier I posted my design sketch and info about my source materials and yesterday my camera came home so... Here's where I am so far - now that it is no longer January!

I've had a bit of frustration with the colors here - obviously, I need to take the time to re-calibrate my color balance on the camera. The actual embroidery is not quite as yellow as the first picture nor quite as blue as the second picture. The detail photo is close but not quite right, either.

I have been using satin stitch for the foundations of the ruins here and french knots and some modified satin stitch for the ground/foliage around them. I'm loving the textural detail but am feeling a bit daunted about the remaining amount of empty space in the composition. I'm leaning toward leaving a lot of it as is and formulating some elegant border and corner motifs.
I do like that the texture in this work looks like organic growth super-imposed on a man made structure - much like a forest overgrown into the ruins of an ancient fortress - which was the whole point! Another part of my bewilderment over what to do with the open areas right now is how to fill in the empty spaces without using too much satin stitch - which would look like more ruins instead of grass or foliage as seen from the air. Maybe I sketch some color on with colored pencils or something? I don't dare use textile paint or dye at this point because I don't want anything to get on the embroidery. Any suggestions?

Look for Round Robin photos in the next day or so - those are finally done and just await a good pressing .


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