My camera is home!

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My camera arrived back from repair yesterday evening and seems to be in good working order again. This is good news because now I can post some update photos on my progress for the January Take it Further challenge and get some more items up in my pitifully small Etsy shop. The only bad news is that the repair cost almost $200.

I have a Konicka Minolta Dimage Z6 which cost me $300 two years ago.
When I learned how high the repair cost would be, I considered buying a new one but the price has doubled on that model in two years and I didn't want to shop around again. It is a wonderful camera in most respects. I can take wonderful macro shots with it - if you look at my Etsy store, you will see that the camera alows me to show more detail in my beads online than anyone could see in person without a magnifying glass. Having trained on a manual 35mm in highschool, I also appreciate the fact that I can have almost as much control as I want over the "exposure" and that the camera itself will allow me to set up black and white or sepia compositions as I shoot. I'm still learning how to use most of the fancy functions, but my appreciation for this camera just keeps growing. I have some issues with how quickly it sucks the power out of the 4 AA batteries it requires, but since it thrives on rechargables, it is not really expensive, just time consuming changing batteries and charging them back up so frequently. It is also not perfect for point and shoot family photos but my daughter has taken on the role of family photographer and she has a small Hp camera that is perfect for that.

Since my camera has been out of commission and I have been pressed for time, I have updated my blog a bit by adding some links to inspiring places online in the sidebar. Yesterday, I added the SEED magazine website. Why is a science mag link on an arts blog? Go take a look for yourself! SEED in my new favorite magazine, I discovered it while sitting in a hairdressers salon in NC, waiting to get a new 'city' cut with my Sister-in-law. I stole a subscription tag and have been very pleased with the outcome. I find great articles for homeschool and information about our universe that causes me to marvel in every issue. On top of that, in each issue there is at least one article about the intersection of science and the arts and the mag. is full of beautiful illustrations.

Well, time to run off to work. Photos tonight or tomorrow!


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