September already?

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What a whirlwind summer!  We had a great time on our road trip and have been busy on the house since our return.  I haven't had time (or a clean photo table) to get photos of my threads, embroidery, beadwork or beady souvenirs since I got home.  BUT!  Yesterday, I got the studio sink clean and the next 4 hours might see the dye/photo table reclaimed.

I've been thinking about jewelry photography because I have to re-do all of mine this fall.  Plus I have lots of new beadwork to shoot.

It isn't easy stuff - the lighting is tricky, important shapes don't always fit into a little square frame right, it's hard to capture key beadwork details without losing sight of what the item actually IS, backgrounds compete with beaded texture.  gah.

I went searching on ArtFire this morning to find examples of beaded jewelry that have been well photographed.  The results are in this collection.  The Holidays are coming!  Buy Handmade!

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