Dagger necklace

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So - I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.  It's just that Svenya takes up all of my morning posting time.  I've got to get this milking schedule worked out!

In spite of being busy with the cow (and the milk and the cheese!) and living in a messy house - I have been working on some jewelry projects.

Here's the latest.  It is insanely sparkley.

Molly insists that if it isn't sold by May, she's wearing it to prom.

I'm really loving right Angle Weave with czech fire polish beads.  These are 3mm with dagger beads on the bottom edge.  I've got three rows each one is embellished with something differen - 8o gold lined aqua TOHOs, Permanant finish galvanized 11o starlight TOHOs with Gold lined aqua 1.5mm cubes and for the bottom row, these incredible navy/clear Treasureology crystal rounds that I can only get every now and then. I've got to get more.  They make me drool.

I love how it drapes and sparkles.

Hope I have time for more!



Cait Throop said...

Love, love, love!!! Incredible work, Ginny!! And Molly! Can I borrow her as a model?? Totally beautiful! I can teach her weaving!? xo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!

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