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What a wonderful surprise!

 I discovered this morning that my earrings were featured in yesterday ArtFire collection of the day.

 I love ArtFire.

 Even though there are thousands of jewelry makers there, every now and then one of my items shows up in a prominent collection because they take such a democratic and inclusive approach to who and what they feature. Thank you ArtFire!!!

Home Again

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So.  We've been away for a little while and now that we are home, I am coming to grips with Back to School realities.

In some ways, I hate August.  Summer teaches me how much I love my family and enjoy being with them and then September comes and rips them away from me all over again.  It is a difficult transition for all of us.

The realities of teacher economies is always difficult, too.  It doesn't matter how well one plans - the last two or three weeks of summer are very sparse while we wait for that first paycheck of the academic year to appear.

So this summer, I'm trying a big back to school sale in my supply shop.  30% off everything until September 15th!  This collection has some samples - but this is not all that I have.  Clicking on an item should take you straight to that item in my shop.

This is a great chance to grab some wonderful supplies for super cheap or indulge in some of the pricier items I've got right now - like those huge, gorgeous crystal beads or a big assortment of dragonflies or those really luxe TOHO metallics.

I'll try to add a few new things every day.  I know I keep promising that - it turns out that I need to re-photograph about half of my inventory before I can list things again.  I'll pick away at it - with Bry and the kids going back to school soon, I will have more time to work on that.
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