Marketing Report

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Just a quick report on my first attempt at online advertising at ArtFire. 

I purchased a two week ad placed on the Jewelry Supplies Main Category page that ran from January 9th to January 23rd.  The ad cost $10.00 and got 27 clicks, averaging about 37 cents per click.  During that time I sold almost $60.00 worth of goods, all supplies from my ArtFire shop. 

That's nothing compared to my Etsy shop but it is much better than average for my veeerrrry slow ArtFire shop.   If I assume that all of my sales are a result of the ad, my $60.00 worth of sales cost me $13.50 in shop fees and advertising.   (I pay ArtFire $7.00 per month for my shop so I figure that $3.50 is a reasonable shop  cost to set on this two week ad period.)   That's significantly more than my Etsy fees for listing and paying commissions on sold items.  However, it was a very cheap way to get more people to look in my shop.  I need to set up a stats page that will give me some graphs on studio visits per day so that I can track whether or not people clicking on my ad stayed in my shop and looked around at all.

Next up - an ad for jewelry and scarves on ArtFire.  That may take a while as I'm still learning how to make GIMP work for me to create ads.


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