Halloween Fail and my Favorite Ancestor Photos

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What a bummer of a Halloween we had this year.  We really didn't do anything except let Maxx wear his costume arond all day.   I've decided to quarantine Maxx.  He has asthma so coming down with h1n1 could be particularly dangerous for him.  His doctors insist that he needs the shot as soon as possible but he can't have the nasal spray, which is the only thing that has been available around here. 

Swine flu is rampant here right now - the schools are full of it, Aunt Nichelle had a rough week with it last week and everyone in Gramma and Grampa's household are waiting to see if they will be coming down with it.  Several neighbors have had it and I've heard that at least one local school district has actually shut down for a few days due to over 50% absenteeism.   Until we can get the shot, Maxx and I will just be hanging out at home trying to avoid sick people.   He's bored already.    (Much later. . . . . Aaaaand an update - too late with the quarantine.  I now have a sick little piggy on my hands.)  

On a fun note, I recently scanned some old photos of my grandparents that I thought I would post here.  The first photo is of a class in front of the old Norwood school house on Prospect Street- the photo must have been taken sometime between 1917-1920.  I forgot to double check the back of the photo before giving it back to Meemo - Grandpappy was pretty good about dating his photos.   He's in there - the mischevious looking one with handy ears in the second row.  He used to complain about how his older sister would grab him by the ears when he was naughty and I always felt sorry for him but now that I have my own little boy, I can understand why a big sister would take advantage of such ready steering devices.

The second two are my all time favorite photos of my grandparents - Bea and Bill Merkley posing on the pumpkins.  This photo is from the late 1930's taken on my great Grandfather's farm on Plum brook road, Norfolk, NY.   The farm is no longer there, it was purchased and razed back in the 50's to make room for an expansion to the Bixby cemetery where both of them are now buried.  Isn't she beautiful?  Don't they look like they are having fun!

I won't begrudge anyone who wants to make crafty use of these photos but you may not download and sell the images themselves.


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