More Etsy Deals Today

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What a weekend we had around here! The kids had fun with their cousins at Gramma's house and I had a few nice sales from good friends over at Etsy. I've got a list longer than my arms and legs combined for this week but I wanted to post a few of my favorite Etsy Blogger's Cyber Monday deals here.

Ziggy is getting stinky. It might be time for me to order something from Twin Birch Bath and Body:

I love this hand carved Morning Glory stamp from winemakerssister.

My favorite tree Skirt is one that my Mother-In-Law made years and years ago and gave to us for our first Christmas. But if I needed one - I might get one from BrightBlack's shop.

I know they are not Christmasy - but AthenaWorkman hs some fun prints and photos in her shop - including these wonderfully grainy gargoyles.

Maclancy's shop amazes me! She collects vintage images and reproduces them - sometimes with tinting. I love this one of the little French boy on his scooter.

That's all I have time for today - I have to get Maxx ready for another trip to the doctor. :( This being sick thing is getting old.


maryeb said...

Wow you're busy. Thanks for taking the time to list some fellow etsian sellers.
This is a great list.

Heather said...

Great selection! Thanks for including my Morning Glory rubber stamp.

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